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Tipping platforms

Tipping platforms are used for unloading all bulk materials using different types of vehicles. The grain tipping platform is operated manually on-site through manual gear change.


  • Modular design: each individual module thereby forms a self-contained unit with built-in filter hoses and a cleaning system
  • The filter hoses made ?of polyester needle felt can be cleaned with compressed air
  • The 1.2 or 3-metre long modules can be mounted side by side as often as necessary
  • Each hopper dedusting system is designed individually and can be equipped with one or more radial fans
  • By default, the system is supplied galvanised
 Gross vehicle weight, tonnes 15 - 50
 Platform dimensions, мLength 6 - 16 m
Width 0.75 - 1 m
Drive power, kW4 - 5,5
Lifting height, mm950
 Number of punches2
Diameter, mm120, 140