Grain storage

What should be considered?

To avoid logistical bottlenecks or gain an advantage in the market, many companies store their own grain.

Here are our tips that must be differentiated depending on the building, storage capacity and shape:

  • Flat storage in halls or barns
  • Round silos for outdoor use

An advantage here would be a central assumption with well-functioning and high-performance conveyor technology.

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises during harvesting or storage, the bearing should always be checked for leaks, defects and cleanliness, as well as the conveyor technology.

Since the storage period often goes far beyond the following winter into the spring, it is important to know the exact requirements, also to maintain the quality of the grain. For example, temperature and moisture content play a major role here. These parameters can be detected and regulated by drying equipment, refrigerators and thermometers.