BDW Feedmill Systems

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Our way of working - The 7 steps explained

Step 1 - Analysis

Based on your information, we will prepare a draft of the future attachment. It reflects your ideas, situation, feasibility and budget.

Step 2 - Concept Creation

We design a blueprint with all the technical details and make a complete statement of costs.

Step 3 - Projecting

If both parties agree, the technical detailed plan begins after the measurement.

Step 4 - Production

The production of machines and components begins.

Step 5 - Delivery, installation, site management

If the equipment is delivered after customs clearing, the assembly begins. We provide the head assembly and accompanies the work progress in close consultation with the customer.

Step 6 - Commissioning

After a test run of all individual processes, the plant can be put into operation.

Step 7 - Service

Throughout the project, we offer a high level of service with the appropriate technical support. Even after commissioning our specialists will be pleased to assist you.