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Opening of animal feed plant Mustang, Russia

One of the most modern feed plants in Europe was planned, delivered and assembled by BDW.

Source of the report: Oldenburgische Volkszeitung

(Article published on 27.02.2020)

Planning, delivery and assembly of all technical equipment and process control: "BDW Feedmill Systems" based in Calveslage and its subsidiary from Belgorod (Russia) now has the essential components for the construction of a state-of-the-art pet food plant Contributors. The contract value amounts to 6.8 million euros. Mustang Nutrition Technology, the leading Russian manufacturer of concentrates and feed additives for farm animals, had brought the Calveslager to its side to build its new plant in Stupino. The city of about 66,000 inhabitants is located about 90 kilometers south of Moscow.

The portfolio in "one of the most modern veterinary food plants in Europe," says Viktor Dymshyts, Sales Manager at Feedmills Systems, includes products for cattle, pigs and poultry. In the future, around 90,000 tonnes of milk exchangers, concentrates, feed and feed additives and around 20000 tonnes of premixes (animal early feeding) will be produced here every year. Mustang has invested a total of 21 million euros. In the plant, the raw materials are stored in 16 dosing cells, 30 medium component silos and 34 microcomponent containers, among others. There are 48 manual dosing units. All components necessary for the feed are checked by barcode scanner before the addition and dosed on high-resolution scales.

The entire plant is driven and monitored fully automatically via a central process control system – right down to packaging and loading. Even the sample management of delivered raw materials is fully automatic. The actual animal feed production was linked to 13 storage silos for cereals and scraps as well as a flat warehouse. At all production levels, the plant meets the highest standards in terms of contamination, dosing accuracy or mixing quality, Dymshyts reports. Mixing ratios of 1:100000 and lower are possible.

The plant is certified according to international standards. The new building began in September 2017. From the very beginning, technicians from Calveslage were active here in addition to craftsmen from the Russian subsidiary. After commissioning last September, the plant was officially opened at the end of January with the handover of the keys by Feedmill Systems CEO Heinrich Wolking to Mustang owner Alexey Martynenko.

BDW Feedmill Systems is a specialist in the construction of plants for the production of pet food. The focus of business activities is in Eastern Europe and Russia as well as in the countries of the Middle East. Further projects are currently being implemented in Ukraine, Tajikistan and Georgia, Dymshyts explains.