Our Solutions

We offer customized solutions.

Premix plant

We are happy to take on the complete planning and construction of premix and mineral feed plants. In addition, we offer full service - from analysis to concept development, project planning,
production, delivery, installation and site management to commissioning. Premix plants for the
production of 0.2% premixes or 10% to 20% supplementary feeds are no challenge for us.

We offer the appropriate technology:

  • Adoption technology
  • Silos
  • Conveyor technology for bulk materials
  • Dosing and weighing systems
  • Grinding systems and screening technology
  • Mixed media
  • Pelleting plants and pellet coolers
  • Hygienisierungssysteme
  • Filter systems and piping systems
  • Packaging technology for bagged goods and big bags
  • Computer controllers and process control systems